62+ Romantic Short Love Text Messages For Her, Him

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Short Love Text Messages For Her/Him

Are you looking for short love text messages or short love text messages? You’ve landed in the right place. You can find here romantic love text messages for her/her.

A romantic love message is like a charm that makes your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, or wife feel so special. Adding a bit of romance to their life, send sweet love text messages to your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, or husband instantly.

With these beautiful short love text messages, you can make each day and every day Valentine’s day with a sweet gesture to remind them how much you love her pr him.

Here we are going to share 62 short love text messages ideas for your romantic card below.


Short Love Text Messages For Her

love text messages

1. Seeing you happy all the time makes my day. I love you, baby!😘

2. Meeting you was one of the best days of my life.

3. My heart is always for you, whenever I think about you, I want to be with you for a long time.

4. When I get up every morning, I pinch myself just to remember that you are in my life.

5. I feel like my life started on that day I met you and I love you so much, love!

6. My love for you will never disappear. You will always be in my heart.


7. I can never imagine living a life without you. You are my reason to be. Love you, darling!

8. After meeting you, my life completely changed. Staying with you, I am a new person now.

9. When you are beside me, or when we are apart, you are always my first priority in my thoughts and in my heart.


10. My love, I cannot spend a day without you, can’t you see? I love you to the moon and back.

11. I will never stop loving you as long as I live.

12. When you gaze at me, I feel a serious case of butterflies.

13. You make me feel really so special in a thousand ways. I love you so much and I have no idea what I would do if I lost you, as I feel like I will lose my whole world.💖

14. You know Jaanu, the wind whispers your name, and stars light up my way to you. Thank you for everything!

15. You’ve mastered the art of always making my day and heart happy. I love you, baby!

16. I can’t count the amount of joy and happiness you have brought into my life. I love you!

17. You know, the universe has no meaning with your love my love!


18. Being around you is the real definition of real happiness, joy, and love.

19. Nobody else on this earth could ever compare to you. You’re pure beauty.

20. Whenever I see you, everything in the world feels pure and perfect. I love you infinitely, sweetheart!

I love you card

21. When I am around you, I feel cozy and totally at ease. You are my soul mate and I love you a lot.

22. My love for you is in the blood that flows through my veins and fills me with immense energy. Thank you for your love.

23. In fact, I cannot pick the right words to express how I feel for you, my Jaan! 🥰

24. I bring coffee each morning just to see a smile on my face.

25. Dear, our life is meaningful and beautiful because of you.

26. You are the only reason why I am so thrilled, the reason I can’t live in this world alone and that’s true.

27. Words are not enough to tell you how beautiful and sexy you are.

28. Your smile is the most attractive thing I’ve ever been lucky enough to witness, sweetheart.

29. If you are and me against the world. We are the strongest team there is

30. Even if I cannot be a superman for you, I will always protect you from tribulations and problems.

Short Love Text Messages For Him

Love messages

31. It is impossible to describe, count, measure, and portray my love, just feel it. I love you so much!

32. The sun will not gleam brighter than our love, no metal will be stronger than our great feelings. I love you, baby!

33. You are indeed a true treasure. there is nothing that can separate us even time. I love you infinitely, my handsome! 💖

34. You know, the real thing in this world is our love, it made me feel extraordinary and alive.

35. You’ve captured my heart, and I can’t protect your love. I love you, sweetheart!

36. I am fortunate to have you in my life who has stolen my heart. Your place is so special to my heart.

37. You are my dream come true, I became live the day I met you.

38. My thoughts are always surprising in your direction and I can’t express how much I love you.

39. I never thought 3 words would change my life completely. I love you very much and I am ready to shout it to everyone.

40. You are my number 1 priority in life. I put you always above anything and everything else.💖

41. You always make my heart skip

42. Thank you for bringing beauty and love to my life. You’ve made my life so special, my sweetheart!

43. Under tough situations, only your love gives me the motivation to create and live.

44. You know life would be such a gloomy place without you. I love you with all my heart and I would like to thank you for every beautiful memory you gave me.

45. Here I am without money and luxurious cars, but here I am with an open loving heart that is totally yours. I love you!

Short love text messages for her

46. You are the star and sunshine in my life as you brighten up my day.

47. Love is a completely unexplainable feeling. It’s so massive that doesn’t fit in any words, especially these 3 simple words “I love you”. I want our love to be unique and exceptional.

48. You do for me a million little things that bring happiness and joy to life.

49. Every day with you is a beautiful addition to my life’s journey.

50. Jaanu, I always call you my queen as you made me a king, you turn our long relationship into paradise and I don’t want to lose ever. With you is where I belong my love.🥰

51. No one on this earth could ever compare to your kindness, beauty, and overall wonder.

52. Every time I feel lonely in my heart as you are away from me. I can’t stop loving and missing you. You can’t imagine how much I need you. I love you for everything!

53. My love for you is endless and divine. I will keep loving you until the last breath of my life.

54. Ever since I met you I got new feelings. To be honest, you changed my perception and world of life

55. You are the only person who gives me life meaning to live. Thanks for loving me like an angel. I love you infinitely!😘

56. You are the owner of my soul, my body, and my heart. I completely belong to you and I am with you always.

57. In fact, I love many things about you that I don’t even know where to begin, but I like everything about you. I think you are made for me and I am made for you.

58. You really made my life beautiful by giving me the warm feelings I’ve received today. Love you for that.

59. You really make me feel so amazing what I’ve not felt for others before. I am imperfect without you!

60. I go to bed and wake up every day with one thing that is thinking about you. I think about you each and every single day and love you so much.😍

61. They say love is bling, but in reality, it has made me a better person by opening my eyes. I miss you!

62. You are my moon, my sky, my day and night, my sun and stars. If it were my choice, we would be together all the time. Thank you so much for giving me everything.

Final Words

Sending beautiful short love text messages to your loved ones is a great feeling on the planet. It makes your bond much stronger than before, it adds sweetness to your love, it makes you feel so special with each other, it makes you feel much stronger and that’s all we need to make our love bonding top-class.

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