Happy Birthday Essay: Writing Tips and Tricks From Experts

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Birthdays are a big deal for so many people because they only come around once a year. For some, when this event rolls around, it is a chance to see family and friends they haven’t seen in a long time. There is everything from speeches, balloons, cakes, music, dancing and more.

Birthday essays are unique and require a special amount of care for a college or university student to pull them off successfully. There is no way a student will be able to write a good paper if they don’t have a wonderful topic.

There are some professional tricks and tips from a write my essay service that students can follow when they are going about writing a happy birthday essay from scratch.

Expert Tips and Tricks

  1. Students need to pick a good topic

Usually, colleges and universities will give students a topic they have to work with, but in some cases, one might not be provided. If one isn’t provided, it is up to a student to ensure that they come up with a good topic on their own, centered around birthdays

They can draw from personal experience or even those of people that are close to them like friends, family, and even classmates. Paper writing services can also help with birthday essay topics if a student feels like they are not getting anywhere on that front. 

  1. Students need to conduct research

Before writing a single word of the birthday essay, students need to find out as much information as possible about the event. A student needs to collect either primary data or secondary, or a combination of both. 

Primary data is simply information that has not been published and is strictly collected by the author. This sort of information comes from things like one on one interviews, group interviews, surveys, questionnaires, observations, and more.

 If a student collects the data themselves, it is classed as primary data. Secondary data on the other hand is information that has already been published by other people.

To gather this type of information, students need to look at things such as journals, magazines, books, reports, articles, newsletters, and more. The best place to find second data is the internet or if a student is still a fan of the old fashion way of collecting information, they can hit the library.

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  1. Students need to have an idea about the tone of their birthday essay 

A good quality birthday essay needs to take readers on a journey and make them feel like they are at the event. The language that is used in the essay needs to meet academic standards and has to be formal.

Students should avoid using words that make the paper appear like they are writing a birthday card. When their tutor sees such language, they will end up giving a student a low mark according to professional writing services.

  1. Students need to organize their content well

Just because it is a birthday essay, it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have an introduction, main body, and conclusion. The introduction is the attention grabber and needs to have a fun tone to it with a few quotes. 

A well-written introduction will most likely start by thanking the people in attendance and congratulating the birthday boy or girl. If the introduction is the attention grabber, the main body of the essay is the star of the show. 

This is where all the main points will go, and it could be anything about the memories of the birthday person collected from family and friends. Lastly is the conclusion and this is where a student closes their birthday wraps up by wishing the guest of honor all the very best for the future and many more years of happiness as well as joy.

  1. Students need to meet the word count

Every essay that a student will ever write will have a word count that needs to be met, and birthday essays are no different. Tutors will give students a word limit to ensure that they produce something that will prioritize quality and not quantity. If students with very little experience in writing this type are given a big word count, they will feel the pressure to meet that and will fill their paper with filler content just to meet the word count.

  1. The early a student starts their essay, the better

Writing assignments can be an anxious time for some students, and when an essay is started early, procrastination can be beaten. Procrastination is when a student leaves their essay until the last possible minute to get it done. 

This is not the way to go because it brings unwanted stress which can affect the quality of the end product. When a student starts their birthday essay early, it gives them time to conduct research properly, iron out any mistakes, and submit it on time.

  1. Students need to avoid plagiarizing their work

There will always be students out there who will copy work published by others and try to present it as their own. This is not a good idea, especially if a student is studying at one of the top educational institutes in the world because the tutors there are experienced when it comes to spotting plagiarized work.

If a student is caught committing this very serious offense, they will be taken off the course. Stealing other people’s content should be avoided at all costs, and students need to do everything they can to ensure their work is as original as possible. Reaching out to professional writing services can help a student produce plagiarism-free content, as they always write essays from scratch. 

If a student has already written a piece, they can check how original it is for them, however, hiring a paper writing service can prove to be costly at times. When this is the case, students can use things such as TurnItIn and Grammarly, which can check an essay’s originality.

  1. Students need to ensure they proofread or edit their paper before handing it in

The worst thing a student can do is hand in their birthday essay without going through it. No matter how good a writer someone is, producing perfect content at the first attempt is just impossible. 

There will be mistakes made in the paper and these need to be edited out because if it is submitted without being proofread or edited, a student might get a very low mark because they will be penalized for not producing an error-free paper. 

Just like the point above, professional writing services can be hired to put the final finishing touches to improve the quality of the paper. Family, friends, and even classmates can also help with the editing process because having a fresh set of eyes look at a birthday essay can help uncover any mistakes that might have been overlooked.

Final Thoughts

Overall, writing a birthday essay can be very tricky for students or academic writing services, especially if they have no idea where to begin. Having a great topic and sufficient information goes a long way in ensuring that a student produces the best paper possible. Anyone who is struggling can reach out to online writing services for expert help on their essay, but as long as a student prepares well, they should have no problem writing a birthday essay even if they haven’t written one before. Copying other people’s work should be avoided at all costs because this can hand a student in very big trouble.

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