85 Top Funny Shrek Memes That Became Viral

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If you are looking for funny Shrek memes, don’t worry, you are in the right spot to find the best and most funny shart memes that became viral.

Sherk was the surprise hit of 2001 when it rapidly won the hearts of both adults and kids. At that time kids started to become fans of the adorable Sherk, in spite of being an ogre.

There was also the beautiful Princess Fiona and the fast-talking loyal sidekick. There is also a saying that goes – Sherk is love, Sherk is life.

If you have ever watched a Sher movie, you will surely know this saying is true. On the other hand, adults loved the sarcastic comedy that made watching the series of movies a light, no matter what is your age.

You must appreciate the internet, this multi-layered ogre is more than your hilarious childhood animated character. Even if you have not watched shark movies, we have shared 85 funny Sherk memes, that you will fall in love with these. Let’s choose the best one below.


Shrek Memes

Drain the swamp!

Shrek Memes

How to address all groups so no one gets offended? Attention, all fairy tale things.

Shrek Memes 2

Me all night trying to rememebr the name of the donkey in Sherk.

Funny Shrek Memes


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Me laughing at memes at 3 am pretending like I don’t have any problems

Sherk Meme


When you rip a 12-second fart that went through 4 octaves and even the dog. Needs to leave the room.

Shrek Memes 5

It’s all ogre now.

Dank Shrek Memes

Shrek Memes 7

Shrek Memes 8

Gf: are we seriously about to watch sherk 2 again?

Shrek Memes 9


Shrek Memes 10

Churches built in the 1100s vs Churches built in the 1200s

Funny Shrek Memes

Mom introducing 6 y.o me to her friends.

Shrek Memes 12

Mom: Why are you eating?

Shrek Memes 13

Funny Shrek Memes

Funny Shrek Memes

Shrek Memes 15

Statue of liberty when it was made vs Statue of liberty now😂

Shrek Memes 16

Name a more iconic trio. I will wait.

Shrek Memes 17

Shrek Memes 18

Mom: The food is not that hot eat it already the food😎

Shrek Memes Funny

When your sibling is getting yelled at for something you did meme.

dank shrek memes

I did the math. We can’t afford donkey.

Shrek Memes 21

What are ogres like?

Shrek Memes Face

You are goddman, right?

Shrek Memes Funny

Girls: eeew. she is wearing the same outfit as me.

Shrek Memes 24

Did you know? Donkey from Sherk is called donkey because he was needed a donkey.

Donkey Shrek Memes

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