7 Best Wholesale Party Suppliers in the USA

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Hosting parties to celebrate different occasions is the favorite pastime of Americans. Whether it’s the 14th of February, the 4th of July, or the 25th of December, we gear up and joyfully honor these days. We decorate venues with top-notch party supplies during these events.

If you’re running a party supplies business, you need to capitalize on this golden opportunity. Stock up your inventory with the best party supplies during these days. 

You can use sites like SeeBiz to do so.

Now, let’s talk about how you can find the best wholesale party suppliers in the U.S.


Party Supplies Business

The party supplies business is quite profitable, especially during the holiday season. This business is rapidly growing. According to Allied Market Research, the party supplies business had a global value of $12.659 million in 2019.

Balloons, banners, centerpieces, firecrackers, and ribbons are some of the most popular and common party supplies. Some party supplies are specifically available for certain occasions. 

For example, people use:

  • Arches for wedding receptions
  • Hearts and heart-shaped items for Valentine’s Day celebrations
  • Jack-o-lanterns for Halloween trick-or-treat parties
  • Red, blue, and white or American flag-designed items for Independence Day

How To Find The Best Wholesale Party Suppliers?

To find the best wholesale party suppliers, let’s know how we can find them.

Ask Product Manufacturers

If you’re looking to buy party suppliers in bulk for your business, contact manufacturers. Manufacturers provide you with information about their party supplies wholesale distributors or suppliers. You can contact them to buy these products.

Conduct Online Search

The Internet is currently an easy source of extracting valuable information. It provides you with a long list of wholesale party suppliers.


Use search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Enter your keywords to find relevant results. For example, you can type “best wholesale party suppliers” in the search bar. And Google shows you a number of websites to source wholesale party supplies.

The next option is to search for these suppliers on social media platforms. Facebook and LinkedIn host millions of business pages and company profiles. You can easily find wholesale party suppliers on these platforms.

Online Wholesale Directories

Wholesale directories are a good way to source authentic and verified wholesale products. These directories have a long list of wholesale suppliers of different niches. 


Type “party supplies” or “party favors” in the search bar. And the directory provides you with contact information about top-party suppliers in the country.

Keep in mind that these directories strictly screen these suppliers before adding them to their list. They send employees to visit supplier warehouses and assess their business in person. Hence, you don’t have to worry about the supplier’s authenticity.

Online Wholesale Marketplaces

Wholesale marketplaces are the fastest-growing digital sales channel. Seamless payment and shipping with automated workflows appeal to both sellers and buyers.

These marketplaces have a large number of sellers and buyers on the platforms. Marketplaces have a wide range of party supplies and their suppliers. You can easily find top-party suppliers here.

Characteristics of Wholesale Best Party Suppliers

After conducting research on wholesale party suppliers, you’ll come across several suppliers. But, how will you determine which suppliers are best suited for your business? 

If you don’t have that answer, don’t worry. We’ll guide you on some characteristics to determine good wholesale party suppliers.


Just imagine you have bought a product from a supplier. Unfortunately, there is some discrepancy in the product like damage. You later complain to the supplier about this. 

A good supplier is going to facilitate you. They’re going to accept responsibility for the damages and replace your damaged product with a new one.


Complete Product Knowledge

People buy party supplies for celebrations. Some party supplies are essential for some specific seasons. For example, if you’re celebrating Independence Day, you want items such as banners, ribbons, and flags.

Suppliers should know which products are suitable for a certain season. They should provide you with awareness and suggest a suitable time to buy these products. They also know when these products sell more. They also know the buying trends of customers.

The suppliers should be able to accurately respond to your queries. Buyers love to buy from suppliers who have complete information about all aspects of the business.

Excellent Customer Service

Good customer service is an essential part of a business. Customer service represents how much a company values its customers. It also translates the moral business standards of a company.

A good supplier provides excellent customer service and maintains constant communication with buyers. This leaves a great and long-lasting impression on the buyers.

Good Product Quality

Quality is a factor that a B2B buyer should never compromise. After all, you’re selling to your customers. You’re answerable to the customers for the products which you’re selling.

And you don’t want to tarnish your reputation. So, you’ve to make sure that you get good quality products. 

Party supplies should be attractive as they decorate your events and make everything look good. Their design should be excellent. They should be durable and reliable. Good suppliers provide you with high-quality party supplies.

Positive Reputation

A good business person develops a great reputation within the industry through their service. So, your wholesale party supplier should possess a positive reputation in the industry.

To judge the positive reputation of that business, contact other businesses in the industry. They’ll tell you how this company has carved a reputation for itself.

Customer experience can also tell you how customers who have used the services of a company view it. 

Case studies and testimonials are a good way to understand how the company has dealt with customers. Reviews of a business and its products by customers let you know how the company satisfies its customers. It helps you in your decision-making process.

Top Wholesale Party Suppliers

Bargain Outlet Wholesale

Bargain Outlet Wholesale is a wholesale supplier of party supplies and toys. The Marshall, Illinois-based company started in 1983 to facilitate the supply of high-quality toys at cheap prices.

The company specializes in toys and mainly targets small businesses, schools, churches, and fundraisers. Bargain Outlet offers a wide range of party supplies other than toys including:

  • Color Hair Sprays
  • Diamond Cut Rings
  • Glitter Hats
  • Neon Color Baseball Hats
  • Party Poppers
  • Plastic Trumpets

Burton + Burton

Burton + Burton is a wholesale supplier of balloons, flowers, and gift supplies. It claims to be the world’s largest wholesale supplier in its niche. With headquarters in Bogart, Georgia, Bob and Maxine Burton have been running this company for over forty years.

They were initially wholesale floral distributors but capitalized on the increasing demand for new silver foil balloons. The company used innovative successful business ideas such as:

  • Printing designs and messages on balloons
  • Using floating greeting cards

These ideas helped the company evolve from a small backroom to three major showrooms.

Burton + Burton has many categories of party supplies including:

  • Adhesive Strips
  • Balloons
  • Balloon Wands
  • Bamboo Pot Covers
  • Floral Foams
  • Flowers
  • Ribbons
  • Wall Decor
  • Weight Pastels


FLOMO Nygala Corporation is based in Moonachie, New Jersey. It is a woman-owned wholesale business that has a vast variety of over 6000 products. FLOMO offers high-quality gift bags, party decorations, and party supplies you can’t look away from.

It aims at helping small business owners. FLOMO supplies its products to boutique shops, department stores, gift shops, wholesale marketplaces, and other businesses. It provides order fulfillment facilities to drop shippers and online sellers.

It has a wide variety for special occasions such as Baby Showers, New Year’s Eve, and Valentine’s Day. Its luxurious offerings for your parties include:

  • Candy Canes
  • Confettis
  • Easter Eggs
  • Garlands
  • Streamers
  • Tablewares
  • Wire Hooks
  • Wreaths

Harnel Inc.

Harnel is a wholesale party supplier based in Wheeling, Illinois. The company started in 1984 as a wholesale greeting card company. Harnel has grown to include many categories of party supplies in its product line.

Now Harnel has a lot of party supplies to facilitate your different party events. The variety of Harnel includes:

  • Balloon Weights
  • Candy Boxes
  • Curling Ribbons
  • Handmade Greeting Cards
  • Latex Balloons
  • Mylar Balloons
  • Teddy Bears

Fun Express

Fun Express is a B2B wholesale party decoration and party supplies company. It provides over 10,000 party supplies. 

It has party supplies based on different themed parties including:

  • Carnivals
  • Casino
  • Fiesta
  • Movies
  • Patriotic
  • Safari
  • Sports
  • Superheroes
  • Video Games

It has multiple categories of party supplies such as:

  • Favor Bags
  • Hanging Fan Decorations
  • Hanging Swirls
  • Neon Lights
  • Party Hats
  • Party Lights
  • Tableware

Jenly Wholesale Inc.

Jenly Wholesale is a Miami, Florida-based wholesale supplier, known by the brand name JenlyFavors. It has a variety of baskets, flowers, party favors, party supplies, and wedding supplies. It provides party supplies for many special celebrations such as:

  • Baby Showers
  • Mardi Gras
  • Wedding Receptions

Jenly has magnificent party supply products including:

  • Antique Collection of:
    • Card Holders
    • Guest Books
    • Picture Frames
  • Artificial Butterflies
  • Bead Chains
  • Crinkle Gift Wrappers
  • Decorative Feathers
  • Foil Tassel Curtains
  • Hand Fans
  • Organza Decoration Sheets
  • Paper Lanterns
  • Pom Pom Balls

TOPS Malibu

TOPS Malibu is a party supplier which facilitates both wholesale and retail buyers. Judy Walker pitched the idea of starting a gallery to her husband, actor Robert Walker in Malibu. They implemented the idea and started their business in 1983.

They deal in handmade products of various categories including necklaces, fancy candles, and surprise balls. TOPS Malibu has enjoyed endorsement from celebrities such as Madonna. Notable luxury retailer Neiman Marcus is among the clients of TOPS.

TOPS continues this tradition of selling handmade products. It sells handmade party favors, party supplies, and gifts designed by skilled artisans.

The wide variety of party supplies on TOPS Malibu includes:

  • Confetti Pops
  • Pinatas
  • Sparkler Wands
  • Wish Papers


The list of wholesale party suppliers in the US is much longer. We have extracted the best suppliers to assist you in this regard. See your business grow by selling the best party supplies.

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